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Adev Automation, Inc. is a robotics start-up located in Dayton, Ohio. We are passionate about finding innovative solutions for complex, real-world problems. Agriculture faces serious labor challenges in the near term. Shortages in harvesting labor continue to affect strawberry farms across the US, making it difficult to predict labor costs each year. There is a need for more efficiency and automation for all agricultural systems, but especially delicate crops, such as strawberries. This is where Adev Automation shines. We are a dedicated team that has the ability to utilize recent advances in sensor technology to tackle this problem head on.
Creative solutions for agriculture
Adev Automation Creates Automated Harvesting Systems for Fresh-Market Strawberries
  • Service:  Adev Automation offers fresh market strawberry harvesting services

  • Freshness:  We pick stem-on strawberries for a premium product offering

  • Day or Night:  We also can pick at night to allow for cooler harvest conditions

  • Technology:  We can tailor our system to pick strawberries to fit your requirements, and we offer additional services such as production mapping and soil data

  • Predictability:  Harvest labor will be a more predictable cost so that you know how and when to expand your business

  • Ease of Use:  We operate and maintain our harvesting system

  • Quality Control:  We will be able to track each strawberry from the field to the grocery store shelf to help track quality control issues
If you would like to hear more about us and how we can add value and efficiency to your harvest operation, feel free to contact us!
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Here are just a few of the benefits our system offers: