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Adev Automation Commercial Partners
Adev Automation has established partnerships with 4 commercial strawberry farms for testing and demonstration. These forward looking farms are supporting the development of future robotic harvesting by providing invaluable perspective and testing opportunities. All of these partners have shown interest in purchasing robotic harvesting services at the earliest possible time.
Adev Automation Research Partners
VanMeter Family Farms, Clarkson, KY

​Poulter Farms, Fremont, OH 
Peckham Farms, Lansing, MI 

VanMeter Family Farms in Clarkson, KY typically harvests it's strawberries during late April and early May. Adev Automation demonstrated the S2 Albien Harvester on 14 May, 2022. The harvester's berry picking and packing abilities were on display from 12 noon to 6pm.
 https://www.facebook.com/vanmeterfamilyfarm/ Adev Automation appreciates the Van Meter family farm for hosting us and all their support for robotic harvesting!
Poulter Farms in Fremont, OH typically harvests it's strawberries during late May and Early June. Adev Automation cancelled this demonstration due to issues with field conditions at the farm. We look forward to next year!
Peckham Farms in Lansing, MI typically harvests it's strawberries in late June and Early July.  https://www.peckham.org/our-businesses/peckham-farms/
University of Florida Gulf Coast Research Center, Wimauma, FL ​
Adev Automation is working with University of Florida and visited their commercially operating strawberry fields to test and demonstrate their harvester from 11-14 Jan 2022. Adev is working with Dr. Nathan Boyd  associate center director and professor of horticulture. University of Florida typically harvests their strawberry fields from late Dec until Early March.
The Ohio State University College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences, Piketon, OH 
The Ohio State University maintains strawberry farms in Piketon, OH for research purposes. Adev Automation has tested previous versions of its harvester in Piketon in the past, and plans to continue working with OSU during the upcoming growing season. Adev Automation is working with Brad Bergeford, Extension specialist for specialty crops to develop a successful harvesting solution.
B​looms and Berries Farm, Loveland, OH
Blooms and Berries Farm Market in Loveland, OH typically harvests it's strawberries during late May. Adev Automation scheduled to test and demonstrate the S2 Albien Harvester on   2 June, 2022. A video of the harvester in operation on the farm can be seen on the home page. For more information on Blooms and Berries Farm Market please go to www.bloomsandberries.com Adev Automation appreciates Blooms and Berries for hosting us and allowing us to show the potential for robotic harvesting in the strawberry industry.