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Brian Hunt, CEO of Adev Automation, Inc.
Terence Hunt, Lead Engineer of Adev Automation, Inc.
Brian Hunt, Board of Directors
Terence Hunt, Lead Engineer
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About Adev Automation
Adev Automation, Inc. is a self-funded team who is working part-time on a project to automate strawberry harvesting through robotics.   Adev plans to leverage newly available robotics technology with an innovative approach to harvesting and custom software to create the first commercially viable strawberry harvesting robot.   The Adev team strategy is not to attempt to duplicate the successful efforts of other firms that have been developing robots for other applications, but to leverage the work of others and focus on the areas where others have fallen short – sensor integration, software, the gripper/cutter design, and cost.
Brian is an attorney who has worked with farmers on labor and immigration issues. He also worked for a software company in Silicon Valley during an IPO in 2000. He has over ten years of management experience in private and public sectors.
Terence has eight years of experience working on signal processing of sensors and automation systems. He also serves as a Major in the US Air Force Reserves. Terence earned a Bachelor's degree from the Air Force Academy in Electrical Engineering and Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering.
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Our Team
Jeremy Peters, Software Engineer of Adev Automation, Inc.
Jeremy Peters, Software Engineer
Jeremy has been working with sensors and hardware interfaces for about 10 years, including aircraft systems integration and flight testing. He has earned an Electrical Engineering Bachelor's from Ohio University and Computer Engineering Master's from Wright State University. Jeremy's hobbies include Arduino projects, OpenCV, and anything Linux.
Tyler Masterson, Optical Engineer of Adev Automation, Inc.
Tyler Masterson, Optical Engineer
Tyler has five years of experience in developing, testing, and calibrating optical sensing systems.  He earned Bachelor's and Master’s degrees in Optical Engineering from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.
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